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Antonio Villarraigosa, L.A. Mayor
With Mabel on Despertar

(Los Angeles, CA – April 2006) - Businesses that want to capture the Latino market in Southern California have an excellent opportunity to advertise on this unique TV show geared to help Latinos become successful in all areas of their lives—information on a range of subjects, from employment or starting/growing a business, to immigration matters or how to buy a first home, investments, health and much more.

"The mission of our program is to awaken Latinos to the different opportunities available to them for personal success and financial stability, and as a result improve the standard of living for as many Latino people as possible," says the show's host and creator, Argentine born Mabel Katz, a business consultant and accountant.

“Companies that sponsor our program will reach a huge segment of Latinos who are serious about building a better life" adds Katz, who, as president of the Woodland Hills-based Your Business, Inc. helps others create successful businesses. She had her own radio talk show for more than three years on KTNQ 1020 AM. Mabel is producing an exciting TV show that encourages Latinos to take charge of their financial lives.

Programs format

Ofelia & Eduardo Hernandez
Huntington Park Mayor

Each week, the show features professional guests who inform, educate, and provide resources to the Latino community --such as how to obtain credit, buy a first home, start or build a business, find their dream job, and much more.

We have segments on the program “Despertar” that had an interesting line up. Prior guests included, the Mayor of the City Of Los Angeles, Antonio Villarraigosa, Huntington Park Mayor Ofelia Hernandez, Senator Liz Figueroa and Lupe Ontiveros among others.

Other examples of Mabel's guests include: representatives from California's Employment Development Department (EDD) who offer career training and job information; business attorneys who talk about setting up a business; immigration attorneys; financial planners; major banks, computer technology experts; realtors, authors, motivational speakers and sales coaches. There are also frequent guests from Operation Hope, a program providing grants to people seeking to purchase their first home. Mabel herself offers advice on how to start a business, how to keep the books, and all you wanted to know about taxes and licenses.

Go to www.businessbyyou.com to learn more about how Mabel can help you set up a business or enhance your existing business.

Mabel Katz, EA, ABA.
Your Business, Inc.
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