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Despertar (Awakening) with Mabel
KAZA Channel 54
Everyday from 6:00 am to 6:30 am
Benefits for Advertising Sponsors

Viewers care: Because our viewers actually tune in specifically for the information on this show, the chances of your advertising message being heard and retained is significantly greater than a commercial announcement on a music format.

Show conducive to business advertising: Companies that sponsor our program will reach a huge segment of Southern California area Latinos who are serious about building a better life.

Outreach works: Sponsors who want to reach the Latino community to educate them about their products and services have a receptive audience.

Special Discounts: Sponsors will get a 50% discount on all promotional packages for the different events, conferences and expos that are organized by “Despertar” in places such as Los Angeles Convention Center or hotel chains.

Advertisers who are seeking to reach the Hispanic market can use this special opportunity to reach this audience. Please advise your media buyers to redirect some of their advertising dollars to this television show.

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