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Thank you for your interest in advertising on our new half-an hour Spanish language TV program with TV Azteca, called Despertar (Awakening) on KAZA (Channel 54) every morning from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.

Businesses that want to capture the Latino market in Southern California can do so by being a sponsor on these unique shows, which is geared to help Latinos become more successful in all areas of their lives.




They’re Both Fighting For Consumer Attention.

Ask Bill O’Reilly (host of Fox News Channel’s the O’ Reilly Report) the two words of advice he’d give someone promoting a product and he’ll say: “Talk Radio.” The media can shut you down. But Talk Radio is the one beacon that allows people…to get their message out.’

O’ Reilly confirms what Event Management Services has advised clients for over fourteen years. In fact, here’s feedback from two particular clients who successfully used Talk Radio as part of their marketing and sales strategy. Dr. Arnold Goldstein, founder of Garrett Publishing told us, “The interest in our books and services generated from radio interviews has far exceeded the response we’ve seen from our advertising campaigns. Dollar-for dollar, talk radio has shown a much better return!”

The message is clear; Talk Radio or TV are one of the best tools for creating awareness with the American public, as it offers unbeatable benefits no other promotional tool can claim. For example:

Talk Radio can be used to get products into stores. Local stores are motivated to carry a product when the Company is doing media to promote it and promote the store.

Most Talk Radio or TV interviews are live, with a format for Q&A, putting an author in direct communication with tens of thousands of potential product buyers. And, what could be better than the manufacturer/ author having personal “in-depth” conversations about their product/book with tens of thousands of people at one time, all looking for answers from an expert.

Due to the overwhelming response from the financial portion of the radio show Despertar, we are now producing a show on how to obtain financial success. To learn more about this dynamic show please visit the About the Show page.

As the Hispanic buyer power is reaching an all time high in the United States, reaching this market in advertising and sponsorship is far more beneficial today then ever.

The multicultural economy 2003

America’s minority buying power


Hispanic Buying Power

The immense buying power of the nation’s Hispanic consumers will energize the U.S. consumer market as never before, and Selig Center projections reveal that this group alone will control about $653 billion in spending power in 2003. In fact, Census 2000 showed that more than one person in eight who lives in the U.S. is of Hispanic origin. Moreover, the U.S. Hispanic population will continue to grow much more rapidly then the non-Hispanic population.

Of the many forces supporting this substantial and continued growth, the most important is favorable demographics, but better employment opportunities also help to increase the group’s buying power. Because of both higher rates of natural increase and strong immigration, the Hispanic population is growing more rapidly than the total population, a trend that is projected to continue. Between 1990 and 2008, the Hispanic population will increase by 137 percent compared to 13.7 percent for the non-Hispanic population and the 24.8 percent gain for the total population. A relatively young Hispanic population, with larger proportions of them either entering the workforce for the first time or moving up on their career ladders, also argues for addition gains in buying power, which will be even more important in this decade than in the 1990s. The increasing number of Hispanics who are successfully starting and expanding their own businesses is another factor powering the growth.

2002 California State Department of Finance, Demographic Research

The Hispanic population growth in California is the most astounding, as evident by the 2002 California State Department of Finance, Demographic Research. 

All of our shows reach a broad range of Hispanic coverage areas. Telemundo is one of the fastest growing Hispanic Network in the Nation. Despertar’s audience is growing with its popularity appealing to many large demographics of Latinos.

Should you be interested in sponsoring any of these programs, please download the PDF with the file name of the program you would like to sponsor.


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