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The Host

When you first see Mabel Katz you wonder why she’s not just a blur.  She moves fast, she talks fast, and her energy is infectious.  She has good reason for this: she has so very much to do.  And she does do it very well.

In her first career, Mabel has built a reputation for excellence in her accounting work, specializing in tax matters. From that platform, she launched a business dedicated to helping people create successful companies.  However, it is her second career as a radio show host, TV talk show host, speaker, author and seminar leader that really turns her on.  And once she's on, she hums.

"Mabel's passion is helping people rediscover who
they really are."

Mabel's passion is helping people rediscover who they really are.  Her approach is an ancient art from the Hawaiian culture called Ho'oponopono (Ho' oh pono pono).  For Mabel, discovering it was a lifesaver and it pulled her through one of the most difficult periods of her life.  She then started her own business after separating from 20 plus years of marriage.

According to Ho'oponopono, life is actually designed to be easy; if it's hard, we are the ones who are making it that way.  And, if we're creating the problems, we can stop creating them.  Once we learn how to do that, we can follow our intuition and inspiration to start getting all the goodies—all the things we want in our life.

Mabel is a shining rising star in the L.A. Latino community.  Her travels take her throughout the world where she fascinates large audiences with her philosophies and practices.

Mabel’s book, “The Easiest Way”; solve your problems and take the road to love, happiness, wealth and the life of your dreams, that details this principles and practices.  There is a newly published book “Inspiration to Realization.”  Mabel has co written this book with 40 other women on proven strategies for business, personal, spiritual and financial fulfillment.

Go to www.mabelkatz.com to learn more about Mabel's books "The Easiest Way" and "Inspiration to Realization."